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Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Extreme Exposure' at The Annenberg Space for Photography, October 23 - April 17

For those of you that are fans of photography here in LA and all you see is the tepid post-modernism put up by the museums, come check out this show at The Annenberg Space for Photography'Extreme Exposure', is a group exhibit that celebrates five photographers who thrive in environments that few dare to explore braving dangerous conditions in order to capture rarely seen moments in the life of our planet.

Clyde Butcher does the Everglades with a 16x20 camera and some of the most amazing prints ever.

Paul Nicklen and Michael "Nick" Nichols are friends and Fellows of iLCP who shoot some of NatGeo's most significant stories, and the O'Meara's love all things volcanic. 

Because it is animals and landscapes the museums claim it is not art. Make up your own mind, these guys are all doing something like no one else,...and making a difference with their work!!! 

Thank you to the Annenberg. It is a GREAT space.

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  1. Aloha Robert,

     it was good to meet you and thanks for the wonderful write up about our new photography ecxhibit EXTREME EXPOSURE at The Annenberg! Let me know if you want  to do a interview, want me to write something for the blog or need cool volcano or lava imagesto promote EXTREME, yes , I am the one who hangs out at active volcanoes and lava !  contact: donna@post.harvard.edu or call in HAwaii  808-985-7196  or go to http://VolcanoHeaven.tumblr.com 

    Cheers from Kilauea Volcano, 

    Donna O'Meara Award winning author and photographer.


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