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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Weekly Post, SUNDANCE: Artist-In-Residence by Robert Glenn Ketchum (#101+)

SUNDANCE:  Artist In Residence
by Robert Glenn Ketchum

From 1987-1989, Robert Redford invited me to become the first visual Artist-In-Residence at his newly established Sundance Institute, part of the community he was building around his recently purchased ski resort in Utah. The residency provided me with subject matter that produced some of the most significant images of my career, but importantly, it also afforded me my first aerial work, a platform that would become increasingly important throughout my life. A limited amount of these images were ever published, and NONE of the aerials ever were. The best will now appear, please enjoy!  ~Robert Glenn Ketchum

Thursday, October 14, 2021

SUNDANCE: Artist In Residence, #170
Sundance #170:  
Sundance is an amazing resort, a dramatic environment, and a brilliant idea. I am grateful to have been able to participate, and contribute as a visual artist, in the Artist-In-Residence program. I would like to thank all the staff that made me welcome, especially, Brent Beck, who went out of his way to provide me with access, and promote the work I created; the members of the ski patrol that periodically guided me; the gracious staff of the dining room that fed me every night; and last, but certainly not least, my friend, Robert Redford, who took an interest in my work, and gave me this incredible opportunity. Thank you all SO much!

photograph(s) © copyright, ROBERT GLENN KETCHUM, 2021,
@RbtGlennKetchum @RobertGKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd

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