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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wildfires Feed Thunderstorms

Photo Credit: AP Photo/John Leyba,The Denver Post
As I write this, huge fires with burn areas that measure in square miles are raging out-of-control in CO and AZ; there are currently over 100 fires burning in 11 western states and one in CO is now larger than the state of Rhode Island. In case you forgot, last year New Mexico and Texas had epic firestorms, and the tundra forest around Moscow erupted with more than 100 fires whose smoke trail could be clearly seen from space. The current CO fire is now also visible from space and its smoke plume covers parts of CO, NB, KS, OK, and TX where the haze has merged with the NM fire. Besides destroying homes and lives, these fires will affect air quality and water quality for millions of people. In CO it is also threatening the $10 BILLION-a-year recreation industry. (LATIMES 6/15/12, WILDFIRE THREATENS TO CAST SHADOW ON COLORADO SUMMER by Jenny Deam, John Glionna)

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