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Monday, October 5, 2020

Weekly Post: The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get by Robert Glenn Ketchum (#201-231)

Continued. . .

by Robert Glenn Ketchum

Growing up my parents had a home near Sun Valley, Idaho. It was there that I learned to ski. Over many years I befriended members of the Decker Flats Climbing and Frisbee Club, with whom I had both life, and art-forming outdoor experiences. I had my camera, and these are my adventures. Enjoy!!  
~Robert Glenn Ketchum

Monday, October 52020

The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get - Sun Valley and the DFC&FC, #231  
DFCFC, #231:  
Of all the birthday presents that I received over the years from Gordon Williams, my most loved and used, are two very clever camp chairs that he gave to Vicki Golden, and I, so we would not have to sit on the ground when van camping. My tricked-out van was a Dodge Tradesman, and it was not all that big, so for the two of us to live in it for months at a time, everything had to have a place. I designed stashes around the wheel wells for the freeze-dried food storage that we took backpacking. I had a print drawer for my big prints, in a shallow box with a lid on it beneath the platform that supported our mattress. Opposite the double-wide side doors, was our pantry, clothes closet, and a cooler storage for cameras, and particularly, film. The two front seats were Captain’s Chairs, and mine nearly abutted the clothes closet wall, but there was about a 5” clearance. Knowing the van, Gordon designed these two camp chairs to fit in that space when not being used. Folded down, the seat locks flush to the “back,” creating a very thin profile. In use, you pull the “seat” out of the “back,” reverse it so the slant “feet” face the ground, and then slide it back through the braces of the “back", to form the sitting chair. I have had these camp chairs for over 50yrs. now, and they have graced the ground, and the roof rack on top of the van, at camps in almost every state in this country. I took this picture this morning, and they still look this good, and are now getting used at my beach house. Thank you Gordon, for being a GREAT friend, a mentor, and for giving gifts to me, that still keep on giving. May you Rest In Peace!

photograph(s) © copyright, ROBERT GLENN KETCHUM, 2020, @RobertGKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd

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