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Friday, August 25, 2017

Weekly Post: My Life in the Garden of Eden by Robert Glenn Ketchum

My Life in the Garden of Eden
by Robert Glenn Ketchum

As part of paying the bills in my professional career, I photographed a number of significant gardens. I helped create several pretty amazing ones as well. Some of these pictures have been published in various books, but most have never been seen. In this blog, I will show you all my best garden images AND discuss garden design.

Friday, August 25, 2017
My Life in the Garden of Eden, #60:
Garden, #60: At the end of the work cycle, and VERY MUCH in the “contributing to the diversity and well being of the universe” mode I suggest in the last post, with the invading dune grass removed, not ALL things call out to be smothered with chip. I would always rather have an opulent garden with a small path, than a small garden and a chip freeway. So, here is the beginning of the newest addition to my garden design, an emerging garden “island” to which I can strictly control and direct watering. It may look spare now, but later this fall I will repost as the plantings mature and the COLORS begin to take over the show. This took an amazing amount of soil to create. Behind the new island (foreground), to the right, you can see the “finished” product - a lush, and fully “landscaped” water-zone with a thriving banana tree. To the left in the background is the island I am presently ridding of grasses (shown in last post). By the end of the year, my paths should wind through a very eccentric, but beautifully transformed backyard, so I hope you will continue to follow my progress and stay with this blog. Remember, SUCK YO LENT!
photograph(s) © copyright, ROBERT GLENN KETCHUM, 2017, @RbtGlennKetchum @LittleBearProd #LittleBearProd
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