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Friday, May 28, 2010

...partisan politics...

I come from a Republican family, and although I do sometimes vote Democratic, I have always tried to vote for the candidate I thought had the most environmental good sense REGARDLESS of party. Of late, my disgust for the partisan politics of the current Republican elite infuriates me so much, I would like to see most of them removed from office, even if to be replaced by other Republicans that actually want to get something accomplished.

In particular, at a moment of crisis in America, with the economy teetering on recovery/no recovery, and the Gulf fishery being killed by an environmental disaster, the mostly Republican judicial committee wants a special investigator to look in to the job offer the Obama administration made to a PA candidate. Are these guys kidding? These guys must all smoke pot because their short-term memory has apparently been lost. Presidents throughout history have done this dozens of times and no one wasted political energy or funds on any previous “investigations”. The precedent has been set for YEARS!!!!

This committee would do better to get off their spiteful asses and get engaged in solving real problems rather than spending federal money and time to pursue a ridiculous agenda that has no illegal implications whatsoever. Scary to think they are a “judicial” committee when they seem to have so little grasp of law and precedent.


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  1. Robert, I too come from conservative/Republican roots. I'm Democrat. I'm glad to see Republicans as disgusted as I am with the current partisan politicizing; I'm of the mind that it takes both parties to balance each other out. And regardless of party, we could do with a lot less corruption in American politics right now.

    Thank you, also for following me on Twitter. You might want to also follow LittleRedTent for my photography updates!

    All the best,
    Edie Howe


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