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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Evening to Say 'NO' to the Pebble Mine

Photograph © 2010 Robert Glenn Ketchum

Last night, Robert Kennedy, Jr., native spokesperson Bobby Andrew, and myself presented images of southwest Alaska and Bristol Bay and spoke about the impact of the Pebble mine to 400+ members of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Beginning with a meet and greet at NRDC's 'green architecture' offices in Santa Monica, the party then walked three doors down the street and into the Laemelle theater for the presentation. My images are part of my new hi-rez keynote portfolio and this was the first time I had put them up on such a big screen. It was hard for me to tell just how they looked from the podium, but anytime the audience gasps, it is probably a good thing.

Bobby Andrew made it clear that the Native villages oppose the mine and Robert Kennedy said that to build this mine which would knowingly and eventually poison the fishery was a criminal act and the mine would not be built if he had anything to say about. It is great to have so many people coming on board with these positions and emotions. I have been trying to generate public interest and political traction around the issues in Bristol Bay for 12-years and it is wonderful to have so many new allies that think this mine plan is a travesty.

NRDC and their membership bring a whole new realm of national interest to this battle Welcome aboard all, it is great to have you. Hope you enjoyed the evening. I certainly did.


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