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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Nights, G2, Abbott Kinney, Food Trucks - Oh Yeah!

Photograph compliments of LA Weekly

Summer is coming and the nights are warm with the twilights lingering until 9pm at the beach in Venice. If you have not visited this weekend scene, you need to. On Friday night, Abbott Kinney Blvd. throws a party, so to speak. With many good restaurants, clothing shops, pharmacies and galleries in place, the nightlife began to build over the last few years. Now, the infamous cruising food trucks all line up in the parking lot of the Brigg bar. In one block you have 10 or 12 great eateries, one of the areas most historic bars, one of the best pharmacies, and the spectacular G2 Gallery that puts up amazing shows and gives their profits to environmental causes. How good is that. Myself, Florian Schulz, Frans Lanting, Jack Dykinga, and Michelle Westmoreland, all Fellow iLCP* photographers have work up at G2 presently, ...and Florian's opening last Friday was a terrific event that actually had to bring out the 'velvet rope' because so many people were in attendance.


* International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP)

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