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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Be sure to pick-up a copy of this month's BBC Wildlife (September 2010).  They are featuring an article entitled, "THE PHOTOGRAPHS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.  The International League of Conservation Photographers chooses 10 images that have really made a difference."

I'm honored to be included as one of the 10 photographers for this shot of mine taken in 1998.  This image is of Katmai National Park (Naknek Lake). Katmai is home to some of the most photographed bears in the world because of the famous falls viewing area where dozens of grizzlies congregate during salmon runs. Katmai park, and particularly its air and water quality will be impacted by the nearby development of the Pebble mine, proposed to be the largest open-pit copper and cyanide gold-leach mining complex in the world.:

The Iliuk Arm of Naknek Lake Katmai 1998  
Photograph © 2010 Robert Glenn Ketchum For Display Use Only, No Permission to Reproduce in Any Form
"Katmai National Park, where Ketchum took this picture, lies in southwest Alaska, a vast wilderness that once supported the richest, most productive salmon fishery in the history of the world.  Today, it is at risk from offshore oil drilling and a proposed gold mine in the headwater of Bristol Bay.

Earlier in Ketchum’s career, his landscape photos brought he plight of Alaska’s Tongass temperate rainforest, which was threatened by logging, to the attention of the US Congress.  Now conservationists hope that his images of Katmai National Park will be equally successful in protecting one of North America’s most pristine wild places from the ravages of industrial development."




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