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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

XRDSARTS2014: Alchemy - Where Science and Art Meet

XRDSARTS2014: Alchemy - Where Science and Art Meet

Crossroads School is hosting an event for the parents of Crossroads students on Saturday, May 17th at Hangar 8 in Santa Monica. With the imminent construction of their new science building in 2014, they will be exploring the intersection of art and science as the driving theme behind this event. A highlight of the evening will be a stunning art show and silent auction, surrounded by a fabulous party, fantastic food and merriment!

"The Dark Of Heartness" 2014 
16" x 38" 
manipulated color photograph printed on aluminum
Photograph © 2014 Robert Glenn Ketchum 
For all my friends that have children at Crossroads, please buy a ticket to XRDSARTS2014: Alchemy - Where Science and Art Meet. I have this print, made directly on aluminum in the auction, as well as another print on a silk charmeuse scarf and I NEED ALL OF YOU TO RALLY AROUND MY WORK, BID IT UP! and lets make some serious money for Crossroads this year while having fun. ~Robert Glenn Ketchum

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Adults only. Tickets are all-inclusive for dinner, drinks, entertainment, and parking. Parents are invited to wear their Steampunk finest or other festive attire if they choose. Free childcare is available at Crossroads Elementary School for grades K-8 by reservation only; contact Heidi Wong at hwong@xrds.org.

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