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Monday, April 16, 2012

NO Pebble mine! #NoPebbleMine


World renowned conservation photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum, a Little Bear Productions client, has a photograph in today's New York Times in conjunction with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  This a full page ad on page A9 (NYT 4/16/2012) protesting the proposed Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska (see attached).

As many of you know, over the past 13-years Robert Glenn Ketchum has been part of a growing partnership of fishermen, hunters, recreational tourists, commercial fishing companies, and Native corporations and villages that want to protect Southwest Alaska and Bristol Bay.  Ketchum has published two photographic books of the region, "Rivers of Life: Southwest Alaska, The last Great Salmon Fishery", and "Wood-Tikchik: Alaska's Largest State Park".  These books, along with Ketchum's traveling photography exhibit that has been circulating through museums, have helped Southwest/Bristol Bay gain visibility within Congress and the public. 

Southwest Alaska and Bristol Bay is a pristine wilderness surrounded by tundra, criscrossed by rivers, and dotted with lakes.  Bears, wolves, seals, and whales flourish in this nearly untouched ecosystem, all drawn by the same lure: tens of millions of spawning salmon.  Huge salmon runs are the linchpin of this ecosystem, supporting valuable commercial fisheries, Alaska natives, and a vast array of wildlife.

The Pebble Mine could devastate Bristol Bay and Southwest Alaska.  The proposed massive, open-pit, hard-rock mine would require the creation of 10-square miles of "lakes" that would contain an estimated 2-BILLION to 3-BILLION TONS of contaminated mine waste at the head of salmon spawning streams.  Since this region of Alaska is extremely seismically active, one single earthquake could release enough toxic waste that would take generations to clean up, and could permanently wipe-out North America's largest salmon fishery.  The proposed Pebble mine will produce 3,000 lbs of tailings for every man, woman, and child living on Earth.  Please don't let this happen!

Join Robert Glenn Ketchum, NRDC, Robert Redford, and Tiffany's in saying "No" to the proposed Pebble mine (#NoPebbleMine):

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