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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scary: Donald Trump Points To Snow Storms, Calls For Al Gore To Be Stripped Of Nobel Prize

Donald Trump wants to strip Gore of his Prize because The Donald does not believe in climate change? Trump has kept himself financially alive by marketing his narcissism and obnoxious personality, and by declaring bankruptcy every time one of his deals go south. I would love to see the complete history of his investments I myself do not believe using bankruptcy to save yourself from your bad business decisions makes an appropriate business model.

Moreover, I was not aware that Trump is also a climate expert. Hubris knows no limit!

Having been a photographer in the field on this issue for more than 15 years, I can assure you that the world is melting down and it represents a serious threat to human survival and destabilization
of the world's operating social support systems. Climate change is deemed by the Pentagon to be one of the greatest strategic threats that we face, but apparently Trump knows more than the US military advisors. If you want to believe this buffoon, do so at your own risk. Supporting him won't stop what is happening.

Just FYI, most climate change models PROJECTED greater snowfall in the East as part of the change. In fact, the worst case scenario says that cities from
Minnesota east, and south to about DC may come to experience "Siberian" like winter conditions as the changes in climate continue. Those predictions include similar warnings for all of Europe, south to the Italian border. Remember, England and Anchorage, AK are on about the same line of latitude. Imagine the economic impact of this if all of these important industrial capitols had winter weather like Moscow. Not only would there be a lot of personal discomfort and misery, the economic disruptions would have astronomical costs associated with them.

If we were playing poker, my bets would be with Gore, like him or not. The Donald is just another post-modern joke on society, and this is simply another attempt to grab whatever publicity he can generate.

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  1. Bravo Robert! Keep up the good work!
    ~Saucy Girl


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